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This is a grind comparison I did sometime back using a Manual Coffee Burr Grinder and a Krups GVX2 Electric Burr Grinder.

The Manual Burr Grinder I used for this comparison

Krups GVX2 Electric Grinder I used

I started adjusting the manual grinder to the smallest setting possible.  This is done through trial and error as I tightened the top nut which adjusts the grinding gap (Fig 1 & 2).

Once that was accomplished, I fill the hopper with a full drawer of beans and started cranking.  As it was set at the finest possible setting and because this is a smaller grinder, it took me about 10 minutes to complete the full drawer worth of beans.  I’m sure for French Press ground, it would take much less time.

I was quite amazed at the result when compared to the ground I made with the manual burr grinder.  I flattened both grounds on a flat surface so that it is easier to see the contrast (Fig 5.  Left side is Krups grind on smallest setting.  Right side is manual grind on smallest setting.)

Fig 1. Ground adjustment area

Fig 2. Clockwise for finer

Fig 3. Filled drawer with beans

Fig 4. One drawer full

Fig 5. End results from the Manual Mill

Fig 6. Comparing grounds from the two grinders

The added advantage in using a manual grinder is that it produces less heat in the grinding process and thus would not affect the taste of the coffee.  With manual grinders as with any burr grinder, getting a really fine grounds sometimes has a lot to do with luck.  What I mean is that even if you spend good money on a grinder but the alignment is not done well, it will not produce a fine espresso grind.  This may not be an issue if you are looking for a small grinder to grind coffee for your French Press or Coffee Plunger.  Regardless, a manual coffee grinder brings part of the fun back to coffee making!  I still grind my coffee beans everyday with a manual grinder albeit a larger model.