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This is a truly unique piece of sharpener. ┬áIt is made in the shape of the “Original-Patentado” Coffee mill (circa 1910-1920) from Spain. The single flywheel has the words “TED ARNOLD LTD.” written on it.

To sharpen a pencil, it is inserted into the hole on the opposite side of the flywheel. The pencil is sharpened by turning the flywheel with the pencil shavings collected in the wooden drawer below. The whole unit is solid and made of cast iron. It measures at the base 7.5cm (width) by 9.5cm (depth) and has a height of 15.5cm from the base to the tip of the hopper cover. The flywheel’s circumference measures a tad short of 11.5cm.

Neat little 'grinder'

The flywheel has the words "TED ARNOLD LTD." on it. It has a little wooden handle for turning the flywheel.

The side where the pencil is inserted to be sharpened.

Mill logo.

The hopper cover opens to an empty space or compartment.

Drawer where pencil shavings are collected.

The sharpener mechanism.